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tv   Action News  ABC  January 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> saturday night award whipping local teacher disappears and tonight his family is pleading
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for answers an latest own terror attacks in paris. authorities launch a search for common-law wife of one of the suspects and why they think she may have taken refuge in syria. >> breaking news out of delaware where an amber alert is issued for two young children and police say they could be in danger. hamilton and cortez hamilton junior are missing from their home in smyrna last seen with their mother 10:00 last night the children may be with her and her father and traveling in red 2005 chevy suburban with delaware registration pc 121071 or in silver 2010 toyota matrix delaware taxes kp 219435 if you have any information please call police. >> an investigation is underway in northeast philadelphia after four young children were found living in what police were calling deplorable conditions.
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tonight the children were removed from their home. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at the scene with details. kenneth. >> well walter, details are coming and on this one because as svu detectives were trying to figure out what was happening inside the home. there was one adults with the children. neighbors say they didn't see anything out of the ordinary. philadelphia police and the city department of human services are still sorting through it but this morning they removed four children from the northeast philadelphia home. investigators say the conditionsed in the house on the 1200 block of greeby street were deplorable. >> to my knowledge i did not see anything dysfunctional. >> the neighbor knows the family mother, husband and four children and she was in disbelief when she saw police on the street. officers got a call for noise disturbance 7 a.m. when they went inside the home they found the kids ages 5 to 7 locked in a bedroom. they were taken to st. they were taken to
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st. christopher's hospital to be checked out. but only as a precaution. thompson says some of the children have health issues. >> there's a bus stop bringing them and dropping them here on the kids and take care of them and those children here i see -- i support it probably and i did not see nothing and i didn't see any kind of behavior or something that should have brought government attention. >> svu and dhs are investigating and no one is in custody and again no charges been filed again no charges have been filed. >> the hope of bringing home a missing teacher from south philadelphia. 4-year-old christopher actually disappeared tuesday morning when his wife says he got out of his parents' car at city avenue and
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lincoln drive and he is bipolar and family believes he was not taking his medication. now they want him to come home safely >> it's hard when they didn't know where their father is and they want him home. >> he has been a teacher for 12 years in warwick. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> fire officials were on the scene of hazmat situation this afternoon. black smoke could be seen for miles spewing from the girard point refinely the old sunoco refinely. an operational issue resulted in the release of dark smoke. but there was no danger to the community there. the situation was placed under control after about 30 minute. well moving on to the forecast we have a break yesterday and while it sure was sunny today it was cold, too, really cold. wintery mix is moving our way for the week ahead.
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meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> walter, it was a cold start across the delaware and lehigh valleys. yesterday we had a high temperature of upper 30s. today we were back down below freezing with highs today in the 20s and off to fridgeit start this morning. some of the morning wind chills in poconos 17 below zero. lancaster waking up temperatures 7 below zero. 6 below zero wind chill and feeling like 3 degrees in morning in atlantic city. and unfortunately not much of a recovery this afternoon currently along the 95 corridor feels like temperatures in the teens. it's 19 in philadelphia, 17 trenton. north and west of town in poconos 7 along the coast in sea sea isle h aisle city 21 and dover 0. you factor in the wind chill feels like single digits in philadelphia, 8 there and 5 in allentown and current wind chill in reading in at 15. we have you covered if you step out on the town this evening. extra layers needed.
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bundle up. 7:00 this evening, temperatures at 17, 9 p.m. we'll drop down to 17 and hold at 17 at 10:00 in the evening and you want to dress for wind chills in the single digits. call from accuweather as we look awhat is ahead the frigid wind chills will continue tonight and good news for second half of the weekend the arctic air ease as i little bit but unfortunately we're tracking wintry mix in time as you head become to work monday and those details coming up in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> hundreds showed up at independence hall today in show of support for law enforcement >> a few elected officials spoke in new york city reminding the crowd the police officers are first line of defense within our society. >> fire fighters in chester township had a deal with an emergency last night and this one hit close to home and left
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behind significant damage. even worse critical services ended up being disrupted. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has details. >> i got a call 4:00 this morning the firehouse was hit. >> chester township fire company took a major hit from he allegedly drove drunk crashing a bow owed suv into historic building. >> it's happened to critical facility we're in the process of getting it looked at now. >> critical because the company services chester township and it put the house temporarily out of service. >> there's a fire response going to the township and can't bump up the other locals. >> there was a trail of car fluid that led he officers to a nearby neighborhood where it led a chevy trail blazer -- and admitted to crashing brother's vehicle into a firehouse after drinking at several clubs.
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police say wilson's brother initially lied to officers you about his brother's name and whereabouts and they took him into custody too. and police arrested and charged wilson on multiple counts including dui leaving the scene of accident and driving without a license. >> and this damage will cost this volunteer fire company tens of thousands of dollars. they get some money from the township and they also rely heavily on donations. >> the company has been in service since 1921 and building built in 1957. and i hate to see it get messed up like this. if anybody is willing to help out with the repairs we'll be more than willing to tie the help. >> chester township, annie mccormick, chapel 6abc news. >> to the terror attack in paris there's an international manhunt their underway for the last prime suspect connected to the massacre. a woman is believed to slip out of france before attacks began and made it to syria. she is the common-law wife of
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one of the terrorists. she may have been the link between coubali and korachi brothers. tens of thousands of people rallied in paris and around the world in silent marches to hon ort victims. >> world news saturday we'll have the latest on the attack in paris and search for the suspect and stories of survival and courage from the victims of the siege. well a cat in south jersey likely used up all its nine lives after finding it snaevl a predicament. mark sent this video after he rescued the feline that's a jug filled with ice stuck open the animals head. mark spotted the cats on the road 130 north in collingswood and went in for the rescue and rushed the cat to roth man animal hospital and we're happy to report after she thawed out this is how the cat looks tonight. much more to come on "action news" tonight the man that shot and killed trayvon martin is in
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trouble with the law again what george zimmerman did to his girlfriend that landed him behind bars. >> black smoke over philadelphia had neighbors wonder what caught fire. and jeff skversky has sports when "action news" continues
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>> an 8-year-old boy was injured this afternoon during a fire that started as microwave explosion and happened:00 open the 1300 block of windrum avenue in logan section. he suffered burns on his hand and was taken ta the hospital. they were able to get the fire under control. it's not clear why the microwave exploded. >> in shell tan ham crews battled an apartment fire at a complex and church and pickley roads.
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and cause remains under investigation. >> a restaurant was destroyed during a fire that tore through a strip nal delaware and fire broke out 10:00 this morning on 2700 block of capital trail in newark. several other neighboring businesses endured smoke damage and no injuries were reported. cause is under investigation. >> george zimmerman is out on bond after most recent arrest. police in lake mary florida say he threw a whine bottle at his girlfriend inside his home last night. he was ordered to stay away from his girlfriend. he made headlines when cleared of second degree murder charge after shooting and kill be trayvon martin in 013. >> religious groups marched to the movie why honor to the story they watched on the big screen. they walked to ua river view for screening of sext lma. it is about the famous mar of in
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1965 with martin luther king and today they echo his cause. >> still to come on "action news" tonight a critical game for flyers and key player goes down with injury. jeff skversky has the story in sports when "action news" comes right
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>> okay. jeff skversky has a check on sports. we're halfway through the season and flyers need to bust a move. >> nine points out of playoff spot come into play today. they better get going. flyers are chasing everyone in the conference including boston. that's why flyers goalie steve mason cost today's game against the bruins a must win. nick shellton flyers trying to take down the bruins today. flyers are fighting for the playoffs to start the second half here. but it is hard to put up a fight
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without your best player. first period. steve mason. he goes down for a save and hurts himself again. first the back now appears the right knee. he leaves and doesn't return. he'll be reevaluated tomorrow. ray emery here in the third. off the turnover. no shot, david pastranac first goal of his career and chris kelly short handed. flyers lose 3-1. bigger concern, though, how long they may lose steve mason. >> he's in a lot of pain. but obviously we want him to get better. like i said he's a big part of our team. but at the same time we have to keep playing. >> hey remember the little flyers fan colton fibber that recorrected sidney crosby jersey christmas the flyers were so impressed they invited him to the game to hang out with the team and claude giroux. team and claude
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girouxgiroux and vorachek were named to nhl all star game tonight. >> villanova faces depaul today and blue demon have not beat a ranked team since 'nova 17 years ago. cats cannot let their guard down again today. they don't. it is all 8th ranked villanova against depaul. darren hiliard with the slam. villanova up 34 in the second half. they win easily 81-64. second straight w. temple taking on tulsa trying to win 7th straight second javier lynn bond for three. up in the second and slips away. minutes later off balance three and the foul. four point play. oh, no temple loses and it is their first loss in a month and first loss at home this season. st. joe's trying to avoid falling 20th ranked virginia
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commonwealth. watch-out. deandre with the block and leads to this other way easy lay-up. down one in the first. this is as close as we get. lights out, 52% from the three point land. hawks lead 89-74 st. joe's lost season high four in a row. lasalle lightening fast today. roberts for three. lasalle starts game on 19-2 run and price is ryan game high 20 for him and lasalle wins by 13. there's a two game losing streak and showing some fight. >> heisman trophy winner marcus mariota will take his step in a career national championship game monday. ducks say today eagles' coach chip kelly is a big reason why the school is a win away from the first title.
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>> a lot of these guys that are here right now were because of coach kelly and you know he provide aid lot of us an opportunity to play division one football and his imprint is still all around the program. >> the national championship game monday night on espn 8:30 oregon against ohio state chip kelly is expected to be on happened. objectioniously we know who he'll root for, oregon ducks. sixers tonight in 70 minutes. >> thank you jeff. >> up next on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when "action news" comes right he sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98.
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>> people officially said good-bye to the christmas season in an environmentally friendly way in northern liberties this was one of several spots across the city you could trycycle. wood chipers were used to recycle these trees to mulch and compost and keeping biodegradable frash from ending up in land phils. >> let's check with meteorologist melissa magee. cold today. >> we're getting used to the pattern. juan day above freezing. >> i'm not getting used to it. >> i know, nobody is not. it was no would you say than yesterday. below freezing. double scan radar showing dry and quiet. no ib use with precipitation. all about the cold weather today and arctic air returning. at least for the first half of the weekend. we'll show you you the picture outside. sky6 live in hd giving you nice
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shot of the center city sky line on saturday evening. we got a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky overhead. bundle up. extra layers will be needed if you step out on town this evening. we took another dip today. yesterday's high temperature 36 above the freezing mark and today, we only climbed up to 25 degrees. that's a good 15 below afternoon. there's good news for second half of the weekend. temperatures moderate a little. if you look at 24 hour temperature change it's 13 coldner philadelphia than yesterday. 10 colder in trenton than 24 hours ago and 11 degrees colder in beach haven. when you look at temperatures most spots in teens and lower 0s. 21 sea isle city and 20 dover and philadelphia coming in 19. you probably want to dress for wind chills in single digits if you step out this evening. here's satellite 6 and action radar dry and quiet across much of the region. we're not practicing precipitation for the rest of
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tonight and majority of the day on sunday. so here's a setup for us tomorrow. arctic airy retreats and lifts further to the north and east. high pressure scoots off to the east as well. we tap into return flow. winds tomorrow coming in out of the southwest. so once again back above freezing in at 36 and still 4 shy of average and sun giving way to increasing clouds and as we get to sunday night for overnight sunday into monday we're tracking wintry mix changing over to rain. so mixed precipitation on the way in time for start of the workweek. partly cloudy and frigid. that's the call from accuweather. five for the overnight low in allentown and 15 in cape may. here's the accuweather forecast. sun and clouds tomorrow high temperature 36. early monday mix changing to rain. mainly rain areas south and east of town and snow likely before you get the changeover to rain across the northwest suburbs.
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otherwise high temperature then 37. tuesday, brisk and colder in the wake of that system. high temperature just 31. clouds and sunshine on wednesday high of 3. thursday high of 39 tracking storm system that for right now at least wants to stay offshore and friday few sunny breaks by the afternoon. 36. upper 30s near normal into saturday. definitely below freezing today walter but temperatures improve a little tomorrow. >> all right. thank you melissa. >> finally it's the most wonderful time of the year. truckloads of girl scout cookie arrived at cardinal o'hara high school today and showed up in all the classics. these cookies will noting sold across the eastern pennsylvania region starting this week. it's not just about you satisfying your sweet tooth it helps girl scouts learn about goal setting and develop business schools. world news tonight is next on channel 6 and don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight and then we're here on 6abc as 11. for melissa magee, jeff skversky
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and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez we'll see you at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." terror hunt. the most wanted woman in the world linked to those deadly attacks in paris, the new clues. where is she tonight? and the heroes. how a shopkeeper hid hostages to keep them alive. dangerous weather. the whiteouts, the ice and now, this explosive pileup, caught on camera. >> oh, no. watch out. watch out. against all odds. the former football player and his accident at sea, the ten-hour swim in the ocean. an incredible tale of survival. and mooching motorists. able-bodied drivers misusing handicapped placards. the undercover sting. we're with the police, cracking down. >> obviously, you are not disabled.


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